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Definitely, the most difficult thing about eating Thai and Japanese food in the city is that most outlets are rather steeply priced. Similarly, same cuisine restaurants are found opening and closing, often facing issues of consistency, BLUE’S KITCHEN is the best option to such things. Blue's Kitchen is traditional Thai and Japanese Cuisine at the heart of Mumbai in Bandra West. Offering to the stream of Blue’s Kitchen which was earlier named as The Blue, the parent company remains the same.

Of new openings in the locality is Blue’s Kitchen, a casual Asian restaurant serving authentic Thai and Japanese dishes.

Helmed by chef’s Mrs. Loima World class chef , Blue’s Kitchen focuses on food without the fuss that comes with a restaurant. It’s the sort of place you can walk into wearing shorts right after waking up. You can choose from compact indoor and outdoor sections, the former also sporting a somewhat open kitchen.

Our recommendations here are Sushi, Katsu Curry, Papaya Salad, Salmon,Wasabi Prawns, Tom Yum Soup, Som Tam.

We will surprise you soon with another brand.

Pierre Gabant

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